Adventures with Loaf Pan Lasagna

Yesterday, after I assembled the ill-fated pot-stickers, I realized the ground beef in our fridge was about to expire. Not wanting it to go to waste, I decided to try a new lasagna recipe.


As Gavin aptly pointed out yesterday when I brought this up on the drive home, I already have a great lasagna recipe and a really cool pan that I can bake it in, and it turns out really well (even when I slightly mess up the layering).

So why would I want to try a new (potentially less stellar) lasagna recipe? Well why not?

At this point Gavin argued that the lasagna I’ve made previously was amazing.

Tough. The new recipe was already assembled, sitting in the fridge (with one in the freezer) ready to be heated and tried.

I tried to point out the “new” recipe was specifically designed for loaf pans (sort of like how I make my Pastitio), which (theoretically) meant that it could be frozen in smaller 2-serving portions, instead of trying to chisel apart lasagna segments that had fused as they froze and microwaving them with varying results.

My logic was met with skepticism.

This evening, I put the lasagna in the toaster oven (because we have an awesome toaster oven that can do things like that).

After about half an hour Gavin came down.

“Something smells good, is it dinner time yet?”


The lasagna was good, but the portion size was deceiving, one loaf could easily have served 6 (Gavin says 8). I cut it in thirds, and we ended up eating about half (of each third) and a salad. Fortunately it tastes pretty good, so I don’t mind the leftovers.

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