Rice is Nice

Gavin has always been quite supportive when I try new things. This evening was no different: tonight for dinner we had homemade pot-stickers* and rice.

I found the recipe for pot-stickers a few days back linked from Slashfood. I knew Gavin liked pot-stickers, so I decided to give them a try.

After a 3-store hunt for won-ton wrappers, and nearly two hours of chopping, grating and assembling I had some semblance of pot-sticker. Not quite authentically shaped, but I had square wrappers instead of circular ones.


Everything went well, I assembled about twenty or so of them, and put them in the fridge for later.


Shortly after Gavin got home, I put them in the rice cooker to steam as the rice cooked. I’d steamed broccoli this way before, and the recipe called for them to be steamed “for about ten minutes”(about as long as the rice takes).

After the rice had finished, Gavin came down and opened the rice cooker. The pot-stickers had lived up to their name: they stuck to the steaming basket, and they stuck to each other. A few could be pried loose from the mass. If there is a next time, I think I’ll steam a smaller test-batch first and give them more space for air to flow around them.


Gavin was very nice about it, carefully hinting that in the future pot-stickers were something that would be best bought from Trader Joes (not attempted from a recipe found on the internet). The flavor was “interesting” and the texture was “different,” and over all they were “not much like a pot-sticker” (except for the sticky part).

Fortunately we had lots of rice.

*I used chicken instead of rice and cooked it before I filled them.

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