Amanda’s Baklava

Today I wanted to make something a little outside my range of expertise. A few months back a friend of mine and I traded recipes: I sent her my chili recipe and she sent me her baklava recipe.

Until today it lived in my “recipes to try” binder. The recipe looked easy enough, but Baklava!? It had to be difficult. All the little layers of flakey dough, the nuts, the just-right sweetness.



Happily, I was wrong. The most difficult part of making it was dealing with the ultra thin phyllo dough. It snagged, ripped and didn’t want to cooperate.

I’m glad I spent the extra $2 or so to get disposable pans with lids. It is far easier to put the lid on the pan than it is to try and relocate the individual pieces into some other container.

I would say the baklava turned out quite well. It tastes quite similar to baklava I’ve had at restaurants (I’d venture to say better than some I’d had in restaurants).

Amanda’s Baklava

1 lb. walnuts – chopped fine
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 lb. butter melted
1 cup honey
1 lb. package phyllo dough

Mix together first three ingredients. Melt butter and spread with pastry brush in 9×13 pan. Layer 6 layers of phyllo dough in pan, buttering each one as it is put in. Sprinkle with the nut mixture and add 2 more buttered layers. Sprinkle with nut mixture and continue layering 2 sheets layering 2 sheets of puttered phyllo dough and nut mixture until nut mixture is gone, you have 8 sheets of phyllo dough left, or you run out of room in the pan. Layer 8 sheets on the top, buttering each one.

Cut into triangles with a sharp knife. 4 horizontal rows and 6 vertical rows and then cut each square into a triangle.

Bake at 325*F for about an hour or until golden brown. Take from oven and immediately pour honey over it.

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