our disproportionately small stockings

To give our house a slightly more festive feel, today I hung our disproportionately small (but quite festive) stockings on the mantel.


We have larger stockings, but they reside with our parents, these stockings were the $1 special at Walgreens last season. The reindeer holder was from C&B with one of our wedding giftcards, on sale, quite out of season.


Last year I indulged in a very cute little live alberta spruce. It died shortly after Christmas. This year Gavin has mostly said no to a tree, but did manage a “we’ll consider” when I said we could get a little live one (round 2).

I’m hoping “we’ll consider” means yes. A little tree would be so much fun to decorate. I still have the little balls, ornaments and lights from last years little tree, and this time (unlike last time) we could put it in a larger pot and stick it outside with the rest of the potted plant community (I’d just have to remember to water it).

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