another “never again” kind of recipe

Occasionally I make something that is so awful that I throw out the recipe and NEVER EVER EVER make it again.

Today was one of those days.

Added to the list of things I will NEVER EVER EVER make again: persimmon chutney.

You could argue I didn’t have a good recipe (quite possible), that I didn’t follow the directions exactly (I can only follow them as exactly as they are written), and that persimmons shouldn’t be turned into chutney (I’d agree, I had a lapse).

They started off well enough, I soaked the lemons over night, blanched the persimmons, peeled and diced them, and boiled everything the way the recipe dictated.

It smelled fairly good while it cooked, and it seemed to be going well, but the moment it began to cool off the entire kitchen began to smell of apple cider vinegar and fermenting fruits.

The smell was enough to drive me from the kitchen, but I had to put it in jars, a sticky task. None of the lids drew any suction, so everything had to be refrigerated for health/safety reasons.

When Gavin got home he made me air out the townhouse further, probably a smart move on his part. The kitchen had a slightly pungent aroma.

Eventually I was brave enough to try the chutney, it tasted bitter and chalky. Not something I would want to buy, give or receive, and certainly not something I would want to put on a platter with cheese and crackers.

I think I will continue with simple things like persimmon jams and jellies. They are far more straight forward and I know how they should turn out.

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