So far everyone has only told me positive things about yesterday’s Thanksgiving Experience. Words like “fantastic” “amazing” and “incredible” were used to describe the cheesecake, pie, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. The salad, orange cupped yams, and green beans Dulce (my MIL) brought also received high praise.

As promised, I will list all the recipes I used on Our Recipes page. Sadly, I don’t have as many (any?) pictures of the food this year, so you will just have to trust me when I say everything looked yummy.

We started Thanksgiving by going to the Gratitude Service at the CS church in Petaluma. They held it at outside at the local park, although it was a bit brisk, the weather was beautiful. There was a mid sized play ground nearby so the smaller children could listen in and swing/climb to their hearts content. Several people also brought their dogs along… some of the dogs had unique attire (little dress/harnesses).

After church Nick, Gavin, Megan and I drove home to put the turkey in the oven. It was a simple bird, stuff cavities with quartered oranges, rub with orange marmalade, roast at USDA suggested temp/time. Check occasionally. Last year it took 7 hours, this year it took 3 1/2, and we had a larger bird.

Stephen napped upstairs, and Dad napped downstairs. Mom, Dulce, Megan, Nick and Gavin took turns playing Wii Sports, and rotated through the kitchen.


Dulce & Irene play Wii Tennis

The turkey was done a little earlier than we anticipated, at around 3:30 (we’d estimated 4), so we sat down for dinner around 4:15. I hope someone took a picture of the table and the buffet.Yes Stephen, you can come back and enjoy the entire meal again, we have enough leftovers where we can easily accommodate such a request.

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