not too sweet and not too complicated

It’s been raining, cold, and drizzly all day. Gavin and I drove to Santa Rosa to go to Costco (toilet paper), Bed Bath & Beyond (coasters), and the Mall (watch battery). We came home, hung some more art, and enjoyed the rest of our Saturday evening.

It is on the cooler side in the townhouse and I was in the mood for some comfort food, but not comforting enough that I couldn’t stop grazing, just a little something sweet, but not too sweet, and not too complicated.

I found a recipe for old fashioned short bread in the BakeBakeBake LJ community and decided to give it a try. It met all my qualifications: simple to make, sweet, but not sweet enough to keep me grazing all night. As an added bonus the dough seems to keep fairly well in the fridge.

Gavin was fairly pleased as well, the recipe did not call for any eggs so he happily “sampled” as much dough as he wanted.


Once they had cooled, the result was a slightly sweet cookie with a crisp edge and chewy center (before they cooled they fell apart when I picked them up). I only made one log of dough and that yielded 18 cookies, the other two logs are in the fridge for later.

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