a taste of what is to come

After dinner Gavin opened the fridge:
“Those look good!” He paused. “Do we have to wait until Sunday?”
“Are you sure?”
Gavin looked mildly annoyed by the prospect of waiting. “But they look so gooooood.”

This weekend Gavin and I are going to visit my in-laws in Palo Alto. Between my busy schedule of looking for jobs on CraigsList/the internet, doing some laundry/cleaning and watching Myth Busters/James Bond movies, I decided to make some sticky cinnamon pecan rolls to take along for Sunday morning breakfast.


These are not any sticky cinnamon pecan rolls, these are the ones my father-in-law has been pining for. Every time I have posted pictures of them, he has commented, either on the blog or by phone, and wondered when he would be graced by their presence.

Well Stephen, Sunday is your lucky day, and unless my calendar lies, it is also the end of Daylight Savings Time (lucky for all of us).

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