best costume: Dumbo

Spiderman, Tigger, a ninja (?), several Princesses, Dumbo, and a few assorted others came to visit us this evening.

In keeping with good Halloween Etiquette we left our light on to signal that we had candy; I also kept the light on in the entry way so everyone could see everyone clearly as candy changed hands.


I got the impression the little ones had been driven as a group and were trick-or-treating together. They showed up with in five minutes of each other, all dutifully accompanied by their mothers.

By far the cutest costume was Dumbo, it was worn by a young person who was still slightly unstable on their feet. It had a little stuffed stomach, ears and a little mouse and feather in the hat. When prompted by the mother to “say Thank you” the child promptly chimed “You’re welcome.”

A little later in the evening we had some unaccompanied trick-or-treaters, probably in their late tweens/early teens, one had a ‘fro and tried to look like a hippy, the other two dressed in black, one had a skeletal mask, the other a ghastly attempt at ghostly makeup.

They were not cute, or polite. If you’re going to push the age-appropriate envelope for asking for free candy, try and do both.

I turned our lights off at 8:20 pm. By then the young trick-or-treaters are usually back home, and the older ones should be going home.

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