The Sebastopol Quartet

Many people have heard of the Bremen Stadtmusikanten (made famous by the Grimm Brothers), fewer however, have heard of Sebastopol’s famous Musical quartet.

In Bremen the there was a Donkey, in Sebastopol we have a fire engine. The rest of the ensemble is true to the original story, the dog, the cat (or in our case cats), and a rooster (yes a rooster).

Last night the Dog felt the need to howl until well into the night, the Cats (yes plural) decided to fight (or mate?), and the last few mornings the Rooster decided to wake us up by spasmodically going off.

While the Sebastopol the Quartet only did a series of solo pieces, they still gave us plenty to listen to.

One thought on “The Sebastopol Quartet

  1. Hehehe…I actually get the Bremen reference.
    Wasn’t there a rooster too? I had a bizarre scratch n sniff book when I was younger that told those stories. The bread smell was musty as was the pine smell for the trees. No odd animal smells though.

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