cheesy fries in the little megaphone

In an odd fit of baseball nostalgia, this evening I felt compelled to watch the Boston Red Socks play the Colorado Rockies. I also felt compelled to finally bake the no-egg, no-dairy, no-nut sticky buns that I made a few days ago from the recipe Nick sent me (they’ve been sitting in our fridge waiting to see some action).

What better combination than baseball and fresh hot sticky buns?

Baseball, cheesy fries in the little megaphone, and the largest container Coke (and by “coke” I mean dr. pepper) they sell at the concession stands… but I’m not at the Dome.

Baseball is one of those games that is much better in person. I never actually saw the Red Socks play, but I’ve seen many Astros games (I’d go with Jane and Michelle).

One of my favorite parts of baseball (and most organized sports) is the fans. At the Dome there was the little man with the trumpet and he’d blast away loudly when the Astros had a home-run. He was in the really-awful seats, and I didn’t see/hear him at Minute Maid Park (formerly Enron Field), after all, who needs a trumpet when you have a little train?

Gavin would like to point out: “The humidity of the ball has more to do with the home runs hit than the skill of any players… that’s not a sport… of course now I’m going to watch it” he sat down in his Harvard chair and slurped oatmeal. “Want to watch a movie?”

I think the third inning just started. Clearly we don’t have the attention span necessary for TV baseball. Then again, I could be wrong.

“Oh, the Rockies are going to loose now,” Gavin declared with confidence, “because as good as the Rockies are, I don’t think that the Rockies can pull a Red Socks, not against the Red Socks…” he then launched into an analysis of the Red Socks and the Yankees. “Six to nothing…” followed by more baseball commentary.

I should have figured he knew about baseball.

Update: Gavin commandeered the computer for a little while and uploaded scores onto Wikipedia. Apprently it made him “feel like a reporter” and “lots of people will see!” After a while he lost intrest and read comic books (and I got the computer back).

Sticky bun update: they probably would’ve been better if they hadn’t been sitting unbaked in our fridge for nearly a week, which is interesting because the usual pecan-loaded buns I make last OK unbaked in the fridge.

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