sew, what is my next hobby?

A while back Gavin suggested that I “find a hobby.” Origami led to a unique collage of boats, birds, and “pug-dog‘ cats made from VS catalogues. Baking creates things like Cheesecake which can’t reasonably be eaten by two people in a reasonable amount of time, but it also creates things like the cream cheese brownies Gavin declared “the best ever.” Cooking has had about a 50/50 success/pizza rate, and now I am trying my had at sewing.

Yes, you read correctly: sewing.

Gavin has (rightly) insisted that I learn to sew some by hand before I even attempt anything with a sewing machine. To help with this I got Softies, a book complete with patters and directions on how to sew unique little projects.


So far I’ve managed four little dogs and two odd looking “tea bags.” I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these, but I think the skills I’m developing may come in handy (hand-eye coordination, hand stitching, some embroidery) eventually.


Eventually I hope to get good enough that Gavin will agree I can get a sewing machine. Then I’m going to try things like pillows and simple skirts. One day I hope to work up to the point where I can finish the Victorian tea dress that’s in a bag under the stairs.

Until then, I’m going to make cute little felt dogs, and slightly creepy looking tea bags.

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