swirly cream cheese brownies

The other day at the grocery store I spotted Cook’s Illustrated Fall 2007 Entertaining Guide. It’s composed by the same people who run America’s Test Kitchen. Essentially they try half a dozen recipes and come up with the best one. So far I’ve had lots of luck with their recipes.

Today something inspired me to make Cream Cheese Brownies. Perhaps it was the decadent picture in my Cook’s Illustrated, or the knowledge that I did in fact have the ingredients on hand.


The recipe was a little different than the Baker’s Edge recipe for Marbled Brownies, and it was a little tricky to make in my edge pan. I think I mostly managed to get it to work, they certainly taste fantastic.

Gavin has rated these brownies as “excellent.” Comments included: “now that’s a brownie,” and “you can make these again!”

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