twisted dough

I like pretzels. I like to pick the salt off and pile it neatly on the side, I like the tough exterior contrasted with the chewy on the inside. I prefer them warm, fresh, and now I’m a fan homemade.

Although I like pretzels, I’m not sure what inspired me to find a recipe, and I’m even less sure how I came across the recipe I used. The internet is a great place.

The first packet of yeast was uncooperative, but the second packet cooperated nicely. I was amazed how easy they were to make. The only problem I had was rolling them out and forming the unique pretzel shape, but after I made about eight I got a decent technique worked out.

My only concern was dunking them in the boiling water and baking soda. The recipe had a little note about not to use aluminum pots. We have teflon coated pots, I think everything turned out OK.

I didn’t have coarse salt to sprinkle on them, but I don’t think that’s a loss. I tend to pick it off anyway.

I kept a close eye on them while they baked (I’m not paranoid, ovens are fickle) and ended up rotating the pan about half way through the process to make sure they all browned evenly.


The little pretzels turned out very well. They are the perfect amount of chewy, and the flavor is exactly how I have fondly remembered pretzels to be.

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