in praise of garages

A few weeks back I insisted on clearing out our garage enough to park our car in it. Gavin thought I was crazy. Our garage is narrow (smaller than my parent’s) and we’ve lined both sides with shelves, small tables, trash cans and Gavin’s recumbent bicycle. Although our car is relatively small it still makes for a tight squeeze.

A few weeks back the weather was beautiful, sun shiny, brisk and clear. Today (yesterday and tomorrow) the weather has been (was and is predicted to be) on the drizzly/damp/rainy/cold-ish side.

After I dropped Gavin off at work this morning I went past the store. When I arrived home, I was able to pull into the garage and unload the groceries with out getting wet. Having a garage, and a car to put it in, is one of those little things and you never really appreciate until you have lived with out one.

For over a year in Somerville we lived with out a car (or garage), although I enjoyed the exercise walking two blocks to the store brought, and the upper body strength acquired hauling groceries up two flights of stairs to the third floor, there is something magical about being able to put groceries in the trunk of a car and unloading them again in the security of a garage. While my walk to Market Basket wasn’t bad on nice days, in the winter and in the rain the two blocks seemed like two miles.

Happily I remained dry, as did our groceries. It really isn’t raining, it’s more drizzling. It’s chilly, drizzly and over cast. It isn’t raining hard enough to really use the windshield wipers, but it’s raining hard enough where you need to anyway. And to think, back in August I wondered if precipitation ever fell from the skys over Sebastopol.

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