One small step

The pile of cardboard and styrofoam that had been collecting on our back patio just out of sight has finally been thrown out. It had been sitting there since July (?) when my MIL got us a BBQ as a housewarming gift.

For the first week or so we didn’t have trash pick up and once we did, the container was usually filled with other more vital (smelly) things to go out, so the pile festered, got rained on, sat there and became home to one small spider.

Today was it’s lucky day. Having been gone for four days (Thursday – Sunday) with a Tuesday trash pick-up date our container had plenty of space for our unloved styrofoam.

On an equally odd note, today I made kolaches. I found the recipe on the Homesick Texan blog. It’s written by a woman from Texas who now lives in New York. This is the first recipe from her site that I’ve tried, the dough worked fairly well (I followed the directions).

The dried apricots smelled rather off and tasted even worse, so I opted not to use them for filling. Instead I upped the butter content of the Posypka and added some minced some apples (I had some leftover from when I made apple pie).


The kolaches turned out quite well, the topping also turned out decently, although next time I think I will use a little less flour.

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