Pizza and Poirot

Gavin drove to Costco today. His seemed to enjoying on 116 more than he enjoyed driving on Hwy. 1, something to do with fewer turns and bicyclists.

Costco had some of Agatha Christie’s Poirot Mysteries, we’ve rented some from NetFlix and I’ve recorded some from PBS’ Mystery and Gavin and I have both enjoyed them greatly.

We picked up a few of the Poirot Mystery series, so this evening we had homemade pizza and watched Poirot mysteries.

My pizza is steadily improving. With the exception of the previous few attempts being slightly over cooked, they have improved drastically over the last few months (they no longer poof four-5 inches into the air).

The dough is still a little on the yeasty-tasting side, but I am working to improve that. I have the toppings down fairly well: quartering the pepperoni and dicing the bell pepper help spread the flavor more evenly and prevent grease from pooling around.

The dough freezes and unfreezes quite well, I just have to remember to thaw it over night (or two), so it makes for a fairly decent dinner (as long as I remember to thaw it in time, and don’t over cook it).

I’m quite thrilled to be getting better at making pizza. It’s quite fun.

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