Lemon Bars of Sticky Crumbly Goodness

Gavin’s co-workers were quite pleased with the remaining 3/4 of yesterdays magnificent Apple Pie.

After I finished organizing my recipe binder I decided to try making Lemon Bars. I got the recipe from Rebecca, who assured me they were easy and would turn out well.

It’s a fairly straight forward two-part recipe: crust first, then topping. I didn’t use a pastry blender, (I don’t think we have one).

Once that was safely in my edge pan I started on the topping. That was fun to make too. I love my stand mixer.

I checked on the progress after about 20 minutes, the topping had risen remarkably. After 25 minutes it seemed to come back down. It left some really yummy extra crispy topping along the rims of the edge pan.

I scraped the sides of the pan with the special little spatula that came with it, and then realized I probably should have let it cool first. Oh well. I’m getting the impression these are going to be very sticky. I wonder if I could make these as mini-lemon tarts in cupcake wrappers.

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