My My What a Great Looking Pie

Today I decided to try something new. Yesterday, on Slashfood there was an article about using olive oil to make pie crust. Cooks Illustrated also had an article about using 80-proof Vodka to make pie crusts. I have limited experience baking pies, and with Thanksgiving being held at our house this year, I figured I should practice with crusts and fillings.

After looking over recipes I decided to make the olive oil pie crust. There was no point in buying the liter of 80-proof vodka for two tablespoons for a pie crust, and the other recipes called for so much butter it would be tricky to replace*.

I still had some of the vanilla-infused olive-oil that I used to make ice-cream with Freshman Steve, so I decided to try it in the pie crust.

I carefully followed the directions, and the little Cusinart food processor we have was filled to the brim. This isn’t the first time it’s been slightly undersized for the task at hand, but it did a fairly good job blending the dough together.

The worst part of the process was cutting up the apples in uniform thicknesses and sizes. Once the apples were cut up, I rolled the dough out and assembled the pie. I also remembered to put foil around the edges of the pie to keep the crust from getting too burnt.
As it baked, the house filled with a fantastic vanilla-apple aroma. I set the timer for 45 minutes so I could check on it constantly during the last 15 minutes of baking. Our oven tends to run a little on the warm side. That’s OK for short amounts of time for things like cookies, but longer amounts of time, I check a little more frequently.

At around 40 minutes I checked on the pie’s progress. A little bit of liquid had seeped out the sides, past the foil and onto the oven liner (yay for oven liners). At around 55 minutes I took the pie out to let it cool. It looked and smelled fantastic. Tonight it will be apple pie a la mode.

*One of our guests is 100% dairy intolerant, so butter is out of the question

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