she’s the birder, not us

Today Gavin drove us out to Point Reyes. Despite the bicyclists (2×2 taking up the road in a sharp blind turn), and crazy motorcyclists (passing in a no-pass zone in the wrong lane), he did a fantastic job.

We went to Drake’s Beach instead of the lighthouse. A short tromp through some grass and shrubs, and Heidi found some kindred birder spirits.

We had lunch at the <a href="
“>Drake’s Beach Cafe, where the fantastic view is only topped by their “really good” garlic french fries.

After lunch, Heidi drove and stopped off at some lagoon (to see birds), and the Tule Elk Reserve at Tomales Point a bit further on, where we were warned it was “Rutting Season” and not to approach the Elks.

Heidi drove us home by way of Petaluma and 101. It was sort of nice to let someone else do the driving, it gave me time to enjoy the pretty scenery.

Pictures of Heidi’s visit can be found in Kindli’s Late Summer Album, at Kindli’s Picasa.

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