Larid Specie eyes Car in Dangerous Fashion

This morning after we had amazingly yummy sticky cinnamon pecan rolls, and we dropped Gavin off at work, Heidi and I went drove Bodega Bay, actually, we drove past Bodega Bay and had to make a lovely 3-point turn in a parking lot before turning around to go back.

I didn’t tell her we were going to Bodega Bay after dropping off Gavin, I told her we were going on a wild adventure. It was sort of fun to watch Heidi bird with out binoculars.

And the seagull (sorry, larid specie) seemed to enjoy checking out our car. Shiny!

We headed back to town and went to the large store next to the post office truck depot. It has lots of red and white paint and they sell Purina Products and they “Now Carry Carhearts for Women.” Heidi got all excited about the idea of Carhearts for Women.

Heidi got even more excited about the boys XL Carhearts cover-alls, and XS hooded jacket, AND gloves and socks in her sizes as well. After an impressive purchase (now I know what to get her for Christmas), we walked to the post office and mailed it all off to Abilene.

This afternoon/evening we’re dropping Heidi off in San Francisco with some birder friends of her.

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