Toilets of the World, adventures getting LW from Oakland

Today Gavin and I ventured south to the Oakland Airport to pick up my little sister, Heidi (aka LW).

It was an uneventful drive down, and a fairly uneventful drive back.

We did not get lost, we did not miss our exit, we did not see any rare/exotic bird species (although Heidi was keeping an eye out for them).

Once we got home, Heidi unloaded “about 20lbs” out of her bag. An exaggeration of course, but the Dr. Pepper Cake Mix and Jelly Bellies were a most welcome surprise, as was the Keep Abilene Boring
t-shirt (the counterpart to the Keep Austin Weird movement).

She also brought some cute fridge magnets from the Abilene Zoo, where she actively volunteers, and Toilets of the World, which has taken up residence in our downstairs WC.

Tomorrow we plan to have more adventures, I’m not sure what they’ll be yet.

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