Stephen, this post is for you

Yesterday, Stephen, my father-in-law, called and asked what I had baked recently (actually he called to ask Gavin a computer question, but I got to the phone first). I didn’t do any baking on Thursday, but with Heidi’s impending visit, I felt compelled to make cookies.

So today I made Ginger Cookies and the Orange-Crasin Chocolate Chip cookies. I tend to make them together, ginger cookies first, then orange-crasin chocolate chip, because I end up using 3 sticks of butter and by the time the orange-crasin cookies are done the ginger cookie dough is ready to come out of the freezer.

Also, when I first started making them Gavin didn’t like the ginger cookies quite as much (I blame the oven) as he enjoyed the orange-crasin chocolate chip (although the first time I made them he thought I was crazy).

The Orange-Crasin Chocolate Chip cookies didn’t turn out quite right, the consistency of the dough was slightly off I’m not quite sure why. The ginger cookies turned out well.

I’m also doing laundry, sheets and towels. Tomorrow (Saturday) Heidi is arriving. She’s staying with us until Monday afternoon, then I’m taking her to BART so she can go off on other grand adventures.

One thought on “Stephen, this post is for you

  1. It is nice to have a baking article dedicated to me but to actually have one of the cookies would be even better. Maybe there will be a sample at thanksgiving, if I can wait that long.Stephen

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