Make Cheesecake?

Today is Monday. Depending on who you ask, it is the start of a new week (others will argue Sunday is, but for the purposes of this post that is a moot point).

Monday: take Gavin to work, buy groceries, clean the bathroom, set up the office/guest room, check the mail, make cheesecake, check the mail.

Make Cheesecake?

Today, I felt inspired to make (try to make) Cheesecake. It was another one of those recipe cards from Mom.

I have never made cheesecake, wait, that’s not entirely true, for my bridal “luncheon” I helped Polly make the dessert, but we didn’t use spring-form pans, we used pie pans.

The directions were fairly easy to follow: I used my stand mixer, the spring-form pan, and several rubber scrapers. I managed to get the oven to stay at about 300*F (quite a feat), and at the suggestion of the recipe card I let it cool in the oven.

The spring-form came off fairly cleanly, although the graham cracker crust crumbled a little around the edges. I transferred it carefully onto a platter, put saran-wrap over it, and placed it in the fridge to chill for at least two hours.

I checked on the cheesecake a little over two hours into the cooling process. I pulled up the saran wrap to check and several little cream-cheese clots clung to it, marring the perfectly smooth finish. Oops there.

After dinner I sampled a thin slice. It was a little on the soft side, but over all I think it was a very good first attempt: it didn’t fall apart, it didn’t burn, it’s edible, and it tastes right.

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