another car adventure – along 12

Today Gavin and I had another adventure with out car. We drove up 12, through Napa and Calistoga. It took a little over two hours to finally meet back up at 101. When we drove 101 home it took about half an hour.

I guess that’s the difference between going 65 in a straight line and 25-35 on curvy back roads through little towns.

We didn’t take any pictures, but I noticed the difference between the coast and further inland. Along the coast there are lots of cows, further inland there are lots of grapes.

Both have pretty scenery, but the coast has scarier drop-offs into the Pacific and it has the cows that can freely roam the highway, while further inland has the Casino busses which are not fun to meet in tight curves.

On our drive we passed the Ehler’s Estate in St. Helena some sort of vineyard/winery. Their website mentions “…Bernard Ehlers had his name carved in stone above the door of our historic 1886 building, planted our olive grove and the first Ehlers Estate vines.” No relation, Ehlers is a popular name in Northern Germany.

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