Point Reyes, to Nowhere and Beyond

Today Gavin and I turned left off of 116 onto Highway 1 for a random adventure, we ended up at Point Reyes. In the past we’ve turned right (less scary traffic to cross) and gone to Bodega Bay and Ft. Ross. We didn’t bring our camera and we didn’t bring any snacks, fortunately Gavin grabbed a water bottle.

I would like to share some insights that I have gained from today’s trip:
– Pack a snack & bring a water bottle. Unless you like clams there are very few places to eat once you get close to Point Reyes (Gavin disputes this).
– Make sure you have enough fuel. Of course you could pay $3.29 a gallon in some little town in the middle (literally) of nowhere… we were lucky enough to avoid this fate, and get to Petaluma where we paid $2.95.
– Eat something before you walk 30 stories down to see the “really cool” lighthouse.
– Watch out for Birders, and potholes, and cattle grids (they come in groups).
– Federally maintained roads tend to be in worse condition than county maintained roads.
– Don’t turn quickly while driving over federally maintained roads, potholes or cattle girds.

A few notes about Birders:
– Look out when you go over steep hills. Birders congregate in odd places, like the far side of steep hills.
– Birders can’t park. Well they can, just not off on the side of the road where they should, look for their vehicles precariously placed half-on half-off the road (usually in awkward narrow spots and turns). So you know what to look out for Birders drive Hybrid SUVs, Subarus, and other such cars.
– They carry tripods. These tripods tend to be set up precariously near the edge of the road, this way when the birder leans over to look through the binoculars, their butt sticks out into the road.
– Birders also carry cameras with massive lenses, well, the richer hobby birders do. Other birders take pictures through their binoculars (with varying results, hence the need for a tripod).
– Many Birders wear a multi-pocked vest, this way they can carry all their birding “equipment,” die-hard Birders also carry a “birder-bag” usually something rugged, and expensive binoculars. Both will invest quite a lot in outerwear.

So when LW comes to visit next weekend I think we’ll go out there. She’s into the birding scene.

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