it has carrots so it must be healthy

Today I tried another one of the recipes from Mom (the same collection the eclairs came from). Gavin specially requested carrot cake (under the premiss that “carrot cake” sounded healthier than “cheese cake”).

So far following directions closely has gone well, but I am still slightly skeptical of the use of a 9-inch cake pan for the carrot cake batter. It did hold all the batter with about 1/4 inch of clearance, but what about once it rises? Could it bubble over?

About 20 minutes into the baking process I smelled the faintest whiffs of “something not quite right.” I ran to the kitchen. Sure enough, a little bit of batter had bubbled over, nothing drastic, just enough to give off a little stink.

I opened the window (to help with the smell), and kept a close eye on the cake for the remaining cooking time.

After the allotted baking time had passed I tooth-pick tested it, it came out clean. I also noticed that it was not the batter bubbling over, it was the PAM cooking spray that I’d used to keep the cake from sticking. Ironic.

To be on the safe side I let the cake cook in the pan for an extra few minutes. I’d love to say it came out without any mishaps, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.

I rotated the pan onto the cooling rack, because the cake was still hot, I used oven mitts. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good grip so the cake went sliding across the rack and onto the counter top. Fortunately it stayed in one piece (and I’d cleaned off the counter top while it was in the oven), so I was able to slide it back onto the cooling rack.

Once it had finished cooling, I iced it, and brought a sample piece up to Gavin for us to share.

“Is it supposed to have large chunks of carrots?” Gavin asked, after commenting favorably about the taste, and icing.
“The Cusinart can only hold so many carrots before it makes chunks.”
So next time I’ll shred them in smaller batches.

The Gavin Rating: Excellent

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