I declare Eclaire!

For several years a recipe for Miniature Chocolate Eclairs has been sitting in the back of my recipe collection. I got the recipe from Mom (ironic, I know), and I’m not entirely sure where she got it from. It appears to be one of those recipe-by-mail collections that Mom got offers for, but never fully subscribed to.

The recipe was clearly printed on thick paper with a lovely picture of the eclairs. They also offered simple, comprehensive steps, on how to make the eclair.

Although the steps they advised sounded a little odd, and the dough felt really sticky, I followed the directions quite carefully. They baked for the allotted time, I slit them in the described manner, and made sure they were fully cooled.

from the oven

I could only fit eight of the twelve on the baking sheet, so I put the extra four in the toaster-oven. I realized the rack was upside-down (Gavin likes his toast a little more toasted), consequently, the four in the toaster-oven got a little browner than the ones in the oven.

The ones in the oven turned out perfectly. Light and crisp. After they had cooled a little, I finished slicing them open. I filled and frosted one of the demented toaster-oven ones to test the taste. Taste-wise it turned out perfectly, appearance-wise, the toaster-oven made them a little special.

from the toaster-oven, filled and iced

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