comparing signature dishes isn’t fair

This morning on our drive home from Rhonert Park I announced I was going to attempt to make Rouladen. I also reassured Gavin if Rouladen failed too horribly we could have leftover lasagna for dinner.

Rouladen is one of Oma’s Specialties, so after comparing recipes I’d found online and in my German Cookbook I came up with my own hybrid version. I don’t have Oma’s exact recipe, but I managed to get the over-all taste right. The meat on the other hand was “a bit tough” (I think Gavin was being generous).

My First Attempt at Rouladen

Gavin also pointed out it wasn’t “Quite the same color as Oma’s” and “her’s fell right apart.” He also noted that it wasn’t quite fair “comparing her signature dish with [my] first attempt.” But the flavor was right.

After dinner I called Mom, she had several suggestions:
Pound on them
Submerge them completely in liquid
Simmer them vigorously… (?)
Poke at them to rotate them every 10-15 minutes

She and Oma also make them in a pressure cooker (and that’s “the only way I’ve ever made them” … same with Oma, always with the pressure cooker).

So, with those above tips, hopefully my next attempts at Rouladen will be more successful.

Kindli’s Not Quite Authentic But Quite Yummy (in flavor, but all together too chewy) Rouladen

Round Top Round Steak Thin (as in 1/4 inch thick or less)
parsley flakes
onion powder
garlic powder
an onion
some butter
2 cups beef broth
1 cup water
some sour cream

Sauté onion in butter until soft and brown. While that’s happening, coat one side of the steak in mustard, place a carrot at one end of the filet and roll it up snugly. secure with cotton twine or toothpicks. Lightly coat the secured roll in parsley flakes, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper.

Once all your rolls are complete brown them with the onions and butter. When that is done, add beef broth and water (enough liquid to completly submerge). Simmer for an hour or so. Poke at them periodically.

I also dumped in a hand-full of baby carrots to the broth as it simmered, and in the last 5-10 minutes I added some sour cream to make the sauce thicker and more flavorful. I plan to served it with rice, and the simmered baby-carrots.

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