afternoon drive to Ft. Ross

This morning Gavin and I drove to Rhonert Park in search of JoAnn Fabrics. We drove in circles for a while, until I deduced it was next to Burlington Coat Factory. After we procured three yards of generic white cotton fabric (to be pressed into duty as pastry cloth), we went Lowes, and then to lunch at In-n-out Burger, where my drink cup announced Revelation 3:60 on it’s inner rim, and Gavin’s milk shake proclaimed John 3:16.

Driving back to Sebastopol I was struck by the sudden urge to keep driving. Mount Something-or-other was just 28 miles away on 116, why not drive to it? Gavin pulled out the map, Mount Something-or-other was not on it, so he suggested we drive up 12 to 1 and go to Fort Ross.

We deposited our purchases at home, filled water bottles, grabbed the camera, and turned right onto 12. We stayed on 12 until we had to turn right again onto 1. We drove past Bodega Bay, and past a few more little towns. Gavin kept up a constant dialogue about how pretty everything was, while I kept my eyes firmly on the road ahead as it twisted and turned.

That’s when things started getting a little strange. Once we were well past Bodega signs for cows started popping up along the highway. Cows and rock slides. Then there were cattle guards in the road, and things got twistier and turnier. Near one run-down looking barn there was cow poo on the road.

Sure enough, there were cows. The cows were on both sides of the hills, grazing happily, oblivious of the multi-million dollar views of the Pacific on the left, and equally uninterested in the SUVs and RVs that creeped by in the hair-pin turns. There was one cow that did seem to take an interest, he sat about a foot off the road staring at the passing vehicles.

The Observant Cow Observing Traffic

Kindli near Ft. Ross

We continued our drive and eventually made it to Fort Ross. Gavin donned a windbreaker (with shorts) and pulled on my prin hoodie (with flip-flops). It was quite brisk and very windy out. Gavin excitedly talked about a field trip he’d made to the Fort and how he’d gotten to stand night-watch. I took more pictures.

Scenery along Highway 1

On the drive home three motorcycles passed us… and the two cars ahead of us… in a blind turn on a two way rather narrow street. We also passed the Cow Observing Traffic (again), and we stopped several times to get more pictures of the lovely scenery.

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