Oh so Chewy Double Boiler Chocolate Brownies

My new Baker’s Edge Brownie pan is, so far, the most exciting pan in the kitchen. It is just so cool looking and so much fun to use. It’s made more exciting because the brownie recipes call for a <a href="http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=520&f=20551&q=double+boiler&fromLocation=Search&DIMID=400001&SearchPage=1
“>double-boiler, or as Festive Frizzles refers to it “…one of those pots that you put water in… and then the water boils…

It’s great that I get to use the double-boiler, I’ve hardly used it since we got in last May off our wedding registry, and it had been sitting in the far back corner of our cabinets since we moved here (previously it had lived precariously on top of the cabinets).

Our double boiler is fantastic, the handles stay cool, which is a nice change from the previous faux double boiler method of precariously placing the stainless steel mixing bowl on top of a pot of boiling water. The mixing bowl gets really hot, and isn’t always the most stable, but it does work.

Today I tried out the Edge Lovers Chewy Edge Brownies from the website. I enthusiastically dug out the double-boiler (it migrates to the far corner just out of reach), followed the directions closely and then poured the molten sludgy mixture into the pan.

Watching the sludgy mixture slowly ooze around the pan’s unique shape is neat to watch. It starts thicker in the location you’re pouring it and then it slowly levels off to a uniform thickness. According to Megan on NotMartha, after it is done baking, the brownies can be turned out in one long zig-zaggy piece.

It came out in one piece, quite nicely, sort of maze-brownie… maybe I could make a maze cake… or an Excite Truck racing cake… hmmm.

So far the brownies have consistently come out perfectly. Chewy edges, not-too-gooey middles, and they fill the house with a pleasant chocolate smell.

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