Experimental Cooking

Between searching the internet for a job and Matlock episodes I’ve been practicing my baking and cooking sills. I’ve been trying to use kitchen items that I don’t normally use, and try new things.

I made Apple Cake with Caramel Topping from The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook, page 125. It was quite yummy, and I got to use the cast iron skillet. I’m starting to like the cast iron skillet, last week I used it to make glazed chicken, and I’ve also used it to make pizza.

Until this morning, I had a never-used crock-pot. I’d purchased it back in Boston thinking I could make crock-pot dinners while I was temping. I had the best of intentions, looked up recipes and was quite turned off by the “chicken with a can of cream-of-mystery soup.”

I scoured the internet and came across a recipe for Sloppy Joes
(simple and if it gets messed up I won’t feel too bad throwing it away). If all goes well, we’ll have it for dinner tonight. Hopefully it will go well. If anyone knows any good crock-pot recipes please let me know.

By far the most exciting addition to my kitchen is my new Baker’s Edge brownie pan. I was quite thrilled to get it, it’s gotten nothing but wonderful reviews on Amazon and Not Martha.

I made the cream-cheese swirl brownies from the recipe pamphlet included with the box. I’m also going to try their Classic Lasagna recipe, and I’m curious if my pastatsio recipe would work in it.

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