Updates & Opinions on the Weather

Living up to our blog’s subtitle, I shall now inform you of my Opinions on the Weather.

Weather in Sebastopol is weird. When we first moved here, the mornings were chilly and dense fog blanketed the ground. The foggy mornings have lessened and the mornings have warmed a little.

Thursday afternoon the temperature dropped, wind picked up and the sky became overcast. Everywhere else I have lived those are classic signs of an impending downpour, out here, it was just brisker, windier and more overcast. No rain.

No rain later in the evening, or that night, or Friday, although it continued to stay on the cooler side.

I’m not complaining, I don’t mind it being comfortably cool, it’s just a little strange. I mentioned it to Gavin on Thursday afternoon, and got an explanation about mountains and which side we were on.

In Houston things like that were caused by high and low pressure systems, cold fronts and systems influenced by the Gulf (I’d watch and compare the evening news’ weather).

I never really followed Elsah weather, unless there was a tornado warning, and all I cared about in Boston was how rain and snow would effect my commute (weather forecasts lie, pack an umbrella).

I guess I need to learn my California geography a little better, and maybe watch the local weather forcasts. And now it’s clear, sun-shiney and still on the slightly-cooler side. Sebastopol has the weirdest weather.

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