local wildlife wiggling in the kitchen

I would like to apologize to Leslie for getting distracted while I was on the phone with her earlier, however, I’m sure after she sees the picture, she’ll understand.

As previously mentioned, I was happily chatting with Leslie when I noticed something odd on the floor, from a distance it looked like a pipe cleaner. Pipe cleaner? We don’t have any reddish pipe cleaners, or any carpet that would leave such chunks.

I knelt down to see what it was. It wasn’t moving, so I got a paper towel and picked it up. It was some sort of bug, reddish brown in color with a pale underside, it had lots of little legs, and some funky looking antenna.

I have no idea what it was, so I’m posting a picture of it. Hopefully someone know what it is. Whatever it is got a burial at sea (FLUSH) because when I started taking pictures of it, it began to wiggle.

Update: Gavin has informed me it was a non-venemous centipede… I really don’t care what it was, it does not need to occupy our kitchen

One thought on “local wildlife wiggling in the kitchen

  1. okay, that’s one thing I don’t miss about California. that, and the termites when they come out of the walls and start flying around.

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