Making Ice Cream w/Freshman Steve

Today “freshman Steve” drove up and joined Gavin and I for lunch. With a nearly 2 hour drive (one way) to visit, we decided to make the most of our afternoon. After we dropped Gavin back at work, Steve and I went past the grocery store and then came home to make Vanilla Olive Oil Ice Cream.

Steve openly confessed to not doing much cooking, (“What’s Williams Sonoma?”), but he took directions (stir, hold, whisk) fairly well.

We were both really curious to know how ice cream made with vanilla infused olive oil would turn out. After carefully following the directions, we chilled it for 20 minutes or so, put it in the machine and churned it for 15 minutes.

I’d estimate we made about a pint of ice cream, however much one of those square-ish Ziploc containers holds.

When we’d finished making ice cream, we looked at wedding pictures, pictures online and talked… and talked, and tried the ice cream. It turned out quite well. Very light, very creamy, and it has a very vanilla taste.

Steve headed home around four because he had to make dinner (he makes it two nights a week, his mom is hoping it’ll teach him to cook beyond the world of Ramen Noodles). I’ve promised to e-mail him a few simple recipes.

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