An Open, Rather Bitter, Letter to the Wrong # Who called at 6:06 am this morning

Dear Wrong Number Caller,

I know you will probably never read this letter, but I wanted to write and express my great dismay at receiving a phone call at 6:06 am.

I understand you were calling from Boston, I googled your phone number, it had a Boston area code, and that in Boston it was 9:06 am, a perfectly acceptable time to call people. I however, am NOT IN BOSTON anymore. I don’t care that my cell phone is a local Boston area number, I am now (happily) in California, there is a three-hour time difference.

I’ll be honest, I was sort of hoping you would be a friend or family member, so I could call you back and complain loudly about your inconsiderate behavior. So I could tell you that you know better than to call me at 6:06 am on my cell phone unless there is an EMERGENCY (like life and limb… not moral dilemmas, or stupidity induced stomach aches), and even then, at 6:06 am, call the home number, NOT my cell phone (for afore mentioned emergencies only).

We prefer not to take calls before 9am and much after 9/10pm. So, for all of you who should know better a simple time table:

9 am CA time = NOON on the east coast
9 am CA time = 11 am in the midwest/texas
9 am CA time = 9 am if you’re in CA

And if you’re going to take all the effort to call –and trip off the voice mail– leave a message. It’s simple, just a “hi” and your name or something. But hopefully you realized you dialed a wrong number and won’t ever be calling me again.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m going back to bed now to recover the hour of sleep I was robbed of.


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