So I had to find the Post Office

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs to find a Post Office. Usually I send the mail off with Gavin and he mails it from work, but today I needed to send some things Certified Mail.

Gavin looked up the local Post Office online, it was “on Main Street, on the left.” So this morning on the way to take Gavin to work we drove down S. Main St. and looked at the left. Then we drove up N. Main St. and saw the Post Office Depot with all the trucks.

We drove down S. Main St. again. Still nothing. After another few circles around, Gavin went to work, promising to ask his coworkers.

A little later in the morning, Gavin IMed me and said, yes in fact there was a Post Office on S. Main St. It was just “hidden by some shrubs” and on the right (not left) side of the street.

Dutifully I drove back down S. Main St, looking on the right. Yes, there were lots of buildings with large shrubs in front of them, but none of them looked vaguely Post-Office like.

I drove around in a circle, stopped to call Gavin who clarified “S. Main and Willow” and drove past again. Yes, there was the Post Office, covered in shrubs, no sign, and the only parking was on a side street, parallel and on a rather steep hill side.

Now that I know where the Post Office is, I’m sure I’ll be able to find it again, but if Gavin hadn’t told me “S. Main and Willow” I would probably still be driving in circles around S. Main and Bodega Ave.

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