what do you mean 300 miles?

Today Gavin and I had to fill up our little Matrix — again. I was a little shocked it needed ot be filled up so soon, after all, we had filled it up on Tuesday of last week! How did we go through so much fuel in a week?!

Gavin looked at the receipts –which I’ve been keeping and writing the milage on (all both of them). We filled it up the first time around 300 miles, and this time it was just over 600. The good news is according to Gavin’s rough mental math we’re averaging about 30 mpg.

My next question was, how did we do 300 miles in a week?!

“Well we did drive to Berkeley and back,” Gavin pointed out.
“But it wasn’t THAT far,” I insisted. “It’s not all that much further away than Galveston or Rice Village.”

Google map says 55 miles to the Berkeley Campus — give or take (although we didn’t go to the campus, we went to Crate & Barrel and the IKEA in Emeryville), and we did drive to Santa Rosa several times over the weekend, and then we went off exploring to Rohnert Park this afternoon (next time we’re bringing a map), so I guess that all adds up to about 300 miles?

That or my sense of time/travel distance is skewed by living in Houston… or both.

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