The Little Matrix that Could, or In Continuing Praise of Flat-Pack

Today we drove down to Emeryville and visited IKEA and Crate & Barrel. We’d been eyeing a hutch for our dining room for extra storage space and as a possible replacement for our alternative open storage bookcase.

IKEA is always an adventure. This time, after going through Kitchen and dining solutions, we finally found the hutch we wanted, somewhat hidden on the far side of a column. The directions to retrieve the hutch from the warehouse were only in Spanish, so we had to find an associate and explain our dilemma.

The hutch was not in the grab-it-yourself part of the warehouse, so we had to get a print out and go to the check out counter with just the little piece of paper, from there, we went to the furniture pickup and wait.

The box was just over six feet long and fit nicely in our little car. We dropped one of the back seats and the passenger seat, so Gavin had to sit (rather uncomfortably) behind me. The fold-down seats have really been useful on our recent trips, they’ve folded-down to fit the table, the chairs, on our drive up to Sebastopol for the first time with all our luggage, the Matrix really is a versatile little car.

After IKEA we went to Crate & Barrel where some of our gift cards went towards a very nice leather tote to hold throws, pillows and magazines for the living room, some candles and some kebab-stickemthings for the BBQ that Gavin finally finished assembling.

When we got home, Gavin and I assembled the first part of the hutch, then while Gavin took a break, I assembled the doors. Gavin marveled at how they were “wife proof” in that I could put on certain features only one way (hinges), or that they were totally reversible and could go in any way (the little door pulls).

Once the doors were assembled, Gavin hung them on the hinges, I took some more photos, and then proceeded to empty the bookcase of food. Our new hutch holds more than I anticipated and it looks like there will be plenty of room for my baking endeavors.

So, more photos have been added to our Townhouse in Sebastopol pictures.

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