over the hill and through the mist

This morning Gavin had to be at work by 7:00 am so he could carpool to a meeting in some city that I have since forgotten the name of (it’s about 90 minutes from here).

When we left the house at 6:45, it was 52 degrees out, over cast and misty/foggy. It has been like this every morning since we arrived in Sebastopol, and so far, every afternoon it has burned off and been beautiful.

While it does not make for the most inspiring weather to wake up to, it is rather fun to drive in (as long as it’s not too dense). The headlights glow, everything is covered in dew and shrouded in mist and fog. I took the back roads and the way the mist/fog hung around the trees in the distance was slightly eerie in a Legend of Sleepy Hollow sort of way.

There is a local cemetery near our home, it is well maintained, small and neat. Once the mist settles, most of it appears hidden from view and its look eerily still and slightly foreboding.

Gavin explained there are different kinds of fog, and eventually I’ll be able to tell them apart. I just know that for now the overcast skies first thing in the morning inspire me to snuggle deeper under the covers, although I must confess it is nicer than bright sunshine streaming into the bedroom at 4:00 am.

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