The Good, the Bad and The Back-ups

This morning when I got back from running errands my laptop (or rather Gavin’s 5 y/o laptop that I have been commandeering for the last year) was making humming noises and vibrating.

Gavin told me to turn it off and put it in the freezer, then he changed his mind and said the fridge would be better “for all day.”

When he got home he confirmed what I already knew: the hard-drive had died and NOTHING could be recovered.

My first thought was about the contents of the laptop, it was all gone!!!

Then Gavin reminded me he’d installed software that automatically backs up the stuff every night and I had only “lost” 6 hours worth of data — from 3:30 am until 9:30 am (ish) when the mishap was discovered.

He then went online and informed me that we could easily replace the hard-drive “if it’s under $100” and went about finding one ($50 and a 5 year warranty) and he’s ordering it right now.

Theoretically, by around the end of the week the laptop should be up and running again.

The moral of the story: GO BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW!!!!!!!

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