PoC3 at Rope’s End

Once again Disney has proven if you put Johnny Depp in a movie people will sit and watch it for three hours, even if it is Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End.

I’m not sure where to begin to describe the plot. Barbossa and Swan (looking decidedly orange) lead a group to rescue Sparrow from Davey Jone’s Locker (hell? purgatory? who knows), in order to defeat the East India Company. To accomplish their goals they team up with the Singapore Pirates and lots of back stabbing, double crossing, and very odd plots later, Disney left itself wide open for yet another Pirates movie.

There were some good moments, a few excellent fight sequences and some really odd plot ideas. Elizabeth and Will have a rather unconventional wedding, the Goddess Calypso is released from her earthly form, and Jack Sparrow’s Dad makes an appearance at the Pirate’s Convention. Odd hardly begins to describe it.

Fortunately we saw the 10:30 am Sunday morning special we only paid $6 each to see it, which averages out to about $2 an hour per person… over all not a bad deal. I would not advise paying more than that.

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