I’m a Little Ditto Head

This evening the doorbell rang. Gavin and I were quite confused, we didn’t order pizza.

Gavin went downstairs to investigate. At the door was a enthusiastic young man with a DNC wind breaker and khaki shorts. He was going door-to-door to raise money and interest in the DNC.

What followed was a rather one-sided conversation about why grassroots efforts were important and why we should donate money to the cause. The young fellow was a stream of talking points.

I pointed out part of the problem was ignorance of the DNC’s talking points. In the last election I followed back in Houston nearly half of the Democrats didn’t put in their platform (or picture) into the League of Women Voters flyer.

When we tried to disagree or point out a fault in his logic he would politely say “and I respect that you believe that” and continued on with a talking point. He saw it as a very Republican-vs.-Democrat issue, he cited the War and Education.

Gavin tried to point out that there were more than two sides to the issues, and again his attempts to interject were politely set aside. When at last he failed to get even five dollars out of us, he went on his way.

I asked him if there was any way for him to get credit for our contribution if we donated online. He looked slightly dejected and said no, the only way for him to get credit was to get a check or credit card contribution at the door. I suggested he get an ID number so his successes could be tracked and so he could get his gold star (or whatever the DNC is giving out these days).

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