thus endeth the first year

Today marked one year of marital bliss. Our sink is filled with dirty dishes, the laundry baskets are filled to the brim, and the dust bunnies are encroaching. Not much has changed since the first week.

Yesterday we got haircuts (Gavin’s ears were disappearing), and last night we exchanged presents, I got a bracelet and Gavin got the LOTR Trilogy on audio CD (we’re going to put it on the defective iPod and listen to it together as bedtime reading).

We “celebrated” by going to IKEA and CostCo with Jenny and Paul. We bought new cereal bowls, some organizers for our sock drawers, and low energy light bulbs. We also gave Jenny and Paul our old computer desk. Dinner was leftover pizza and a microwave chicken parmesan dinner.

It was quite a fun way to spend the day. Jenny and Paul recently moved into a new apartment and were going to IKEA to scope it out and see what was available. We sat on tables, desks and buffets to determine if they could hold up to (and probably over) 550 pounds (the weight of Paul’s huge fish tank once filled with water).

Our CostCo trip was also fun. Jenny has a membership so we all tagged along, and had quite a fun time deciphering the receipt at the end. We decided it would make a fun reality game show to give shoppers a basket full of items and a receipt and have them decipher the meaning of the letters, our favorites included FE TWIN PACK (2 fire extinguishers), KS 13G DRWST (13 gallon drawstring trash bags), and **KSTOWELS** (paper towels). We also narrowly missed getting a Wii (someone bought the last one before we could).

7 thoughts on “thus endeth the first year

  1. I love Google. I couldn’t figure out what ks 13g drawstring was on my Costco receipt so I googled it and came up with this site. Hard to remember life without it before.

  2. Funny@ both comments… I was also googling “ks 13g drwst” for the answer to the “what was this extra $11.99” question. Kirkland Signature 13 Gallon Drawstring!

  3. Too funny, here it is 4 years later and I was also googling FE TWIN PACK from my Costco receipt from June 2011 !!! I tried entering the item number 540002 into the Costco website and got the ‘no results found’ message.

  4. so funny- me too. same googling for ks 13g drwst. was thinking what did I buy with a drawstring? yes! trash bags!! thanks!! so where is that darn KS antacid?

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