AC & Pizza

Last night marked the first time since last year that we turned on our window AC unit in the office. We also put the window-unit back in the bedroom. It was not so much the heat as the humidity. Last night was just sticky.

If this keeps up I’ll have to find the ice-trays and start making cubes again. I’m already trying to remember to drink more water and keep the Britta pitchers in the fridge filled. Maybe it’s time to make homemade ice-cream again, now that it’s not December.

Last night also marked the first night of the year we are ordered pizza because it was too hot to go into the kitchen/cook comfortably. Our kitchen faces the afternoon sun and can be miserably warm, the windows are open, which is nice because of the breeze, which is not nice because it blows out the gas on our stove.

The weather forecasters have predicted this sticky-wave will be short lived, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and drop the temperature back into the 70s, and into the low 60s by Sunday. This is good because there are several meals in the freezer that are better eaten on colder evenings.

We have also rearranged the office again, the blond-wood computer work station is moving to a new home. It was a good little work station, but I think it will be happier and more loved in its new surroundings. If all goes to plan, it will be leaveing us this weekend.

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