Quick Links to our German Trip

Here are links to days 1-10 of our blog posts. Pictures have been uploaded to Picasa! For the time being I am done with updates!

Day 1 Our travel adventures from Boston to Bad Godesburg

Day 2 Lunch out with Oma, Uncle B and the Neighbors

Day 3 Our day trip to Lintz am Rhine with Oma, Uncle B, Renate and Doris

Day 4 Our day trip into Bad Godesburg

Day 5 Our trip to Munich, visiting with Leslie, Sam, Leah, Kim & Beth, and Axel & Anja

Day 6 Adventures around Munich, and overnight travel experiences

Day 7 Our excursions around Berlin, Check Point Charlie, Snack Point Charlie, and the DDR Museum

Day 8 More of our excursions around Berlin, the Reighstag, the Brandenburg Gate, and other places of note in Berlin

Day 9 Our adventures on the train to Frankfurt

Day 10 Getting back to Boston

One thought on “Quick Links to our German Trip

  1. Kindli and Gavin:Glad you had a wonderful time abroad. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blogs and updates, the pictures are amazing. Hope you are both well. ~Kelsters~

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