Day 8 – 4/28 – Berlin 2nd Day

I love breakfast buffets at the Augusta. The collection of breads, meats, cheeses, juices, yogurts, jams, and coffees is spectacular. Gavin and I enjoyed breakfast, and went to the internet cafe to check e-mail.

Our big adventure of the day was to go to the Pergemon Museum, with a quick stop at the Gedenkness Kirche on our way to the Zoo Bus stop to catch the 100.

If you’re ever in Berlin and ponder taking a tour bus, don’t bother, take the 100 or 200 Bus (and a good map). It goes past all the major things to see, is cheaper (we got a 72 hour bus/U/S-bahn pass for less than 20 Euros), and runs far more frequently.

We took the 200, and walked to the Museum District. Several tour groups beat us so we had about a ten minute wait to get tickets. Gavin also got an audio tour, I can’t stand audio tours. Gavin likes to look and read/listen and remember what he sees, I tend to look, read the placard (if what I’m seeing interests me), and continue on at a slightly quicker pace. It made for an interesting few hours.

We saw the Pergemon Alter, some Hellenistic statues, a lot of things from Babylon, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece. Gavin probably remembers better than I do. I took a lot of pictures, and tried to remember what display I’d left Gavin near.

A few hours later, we left in search of lunch. There was an open air art-market, so we strolled through it. Gavin thought it was ironic that I wanted to spend more time in the art market than I had in the museum. In my defense, it was very nice outside.

We finally had lunch around two. After lunch, we took the 100 bus to the Capital, took a few pictures, then walked to the Brandenburg Gate. There were lots of street preformers, and the weather was beautiful. We walked around for a bit more, then rested on a bench along Unter den Linden.

Around 4:30 we headed back to the hotel to check our blister collection, stopping at the internet cafe to check train times, and the Steif store because it was fun. Later, we went to the grocery store to get food and snacks for our trip to Frankfurt in the morning. Back at the hotel, we did a little packing, and a lot of relaxing.

For dinner we went to “HOL IN WAL” a yummy out of the way Chinese resteraunt. Gavin had Broccoli Beef and I had Chicken with pineapple and vegtables in a sweet-sour sauce. It was a most excellent meal.

We stopped by the Steif Store to check out the animals, and found a cute little bear for our downstairs neighbor’s unborn baby. Hopefully the bear will be safe from Poli (the cat that we occasionally keep an eye on) until Baby has a chance to get it’s hands on it.

For dessert we went to the Hagen Daas shop and got a scoop each. Gavin pointed out that they were advertisiting it as a San Fransisco icecream, while in the US they tout the icecream’s German heritage, as Gavin pointed out “after all, it has an umlaut!”

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