Day 4 – 4/24 – Into BG

This morning after breakfast Gavin and I walked down the hill into Bad Godesberg. It took us about twenty minutes as we were in no hurry and wanted to enjoy the lovely weather and scenery.

Our first order of business was to find an internet cafe, and check our e-mail. We didn’t update our blog, so our fans will just have to wait until I can get the laptop to the internet. I hope everyone survives the suspense. We used the internet each for half an hour and paid a total of 1,50 Euros. A very reasonable rate.

We opted for an early lunch at a local cafe, as the exercise and fresh air had worked up our appetites. After lunch we walked up to the Godesberg itself, about a fifteen minute hike.

The view from the viewing platform/hotel/restaurant was spectacular. We bought drinks and enjoyed the sunshine. We also considered walking up the tower itself, but could find no one to pay the 1 euro entrance fee, and that was a good enough excuse not to walk up more stairs.

Back in the city proper, we visited Globus, which is “a cross between Market Basket, Target and SEARS with better toys.” Gavin spent a good deal of time admiring the LEGO train sets, while I found Maus, Elephant and Ente from Sendung Mit Die Maus, and a Schnappi Crocodile that sang the Schnappi song (Shnee-shna Schnappi, Schnappi Schnappi Schnappi! … Schnappi d- klein- Kro-ko-deel!). In the end we bought a bottle of water and some gummi bears.

We continued through the city, stopping at Telecom to see if they sold international phone cards (the sales people never even looked our way so we left, but not before Gavin had admired nearly every phone in the store and grumbled about America cellular plans).

We visited both bookstores, Gavin very much wanted to buy “Children of Hurion” (the newly released Tolkein book), but I insisted that Amazon would be less expensive AND we wouldn’t have to carry it around with us. For the first time in recent memory we went into a bookstore and did not buy any books.

As compensation, Gavin and I stopped by an ice cream parlor and had a spaghetti ice, vanilla ice cream run through a gadget to make it look like spaghetti, topped with strawberry sauce, almonds or white chocolate flakes, and occasionally chocolate meat balls (ours had white chocolate flakes and no “meat balls”).

We took the bus back up the hill, and arrived about the same time as Uncle B and Oma who had been out on a walk. We all enjoyed some water and talked about our adventures. Oma and Uncle B had a very nice walk, and we told them about our adventures. I also helped Oma finish hanging our laundry.

For tea time we went next door to Christiana’s house, she lives two doors down from Oma. We had the rest of the previous day’s birthday cake with sahne, and adorable little cups of tea. We sat and chatted for several hours, until the tea got quite cold.

After tea we came home and checked the drying laundry’s progress. The jeans were tossed in the dryer, Gavin went back to reading, and I tried in vain to download the quicktime movie of the shildkruter onto the computer. I shall try again with the iMac when we get home. Gavin didn’t have any ideas either, so I didn’t feel quite as stupid.

Back at Oma’s the phone rang. Oma answered it and looked quite confused. Then she called to me “Kindli, Munich is on the phone.” Munich? It was Axel, he had gotten my e-mail and had called with directions to his apartment and where to pick up the key. No sooner than I had hung up with Axel, Leslie called.

Leslie also had directions on how to get to her place. I will have to look them over and look at our map a few more times. Then in the background I heard a wail: “Ga-veen! Ich talk to GA-VEEN!” Apparently Samuel wanted to talk to Gavin, so Gavin was called to the phone and looked very confused as there were loud beeping noises (Sam pushed buttons). Sam proudly informed Gavin that he’d spent the day at his Oma’s and his Oma had a soccer ball for him. When Leslie got the phone back, she finished giving me directions.

Our laundry finished drying (mostly), and with our early (9 am) departure looming in our minds, Gavin and I packed most of our nonessentials in preparation for the departure.

Oma insisted on a “little appetizer” before dinner, so around six we had pizza bread. It was hardly a “little appetizer” and would have been quite sufficient for dinner, but Oma insisted and then served apple pancakes for our “real dinner.”

Eventually Oma settled down to watch TV, Gavin to read, and I sorted pictures to upload to our pictures and blog. Hopefully that will be done on our train trip tomorrow. I have several blog entries to up load, and a few dozen pictures.

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