Easter iSkittles

The other day one of the women at work offered to share Skittles. I hate Skittles. They are hard, waxy, and frequently have a soapy/chemical aftertaste. She usually has other candy as well, so I poked my head around the cube in hopes of a little something sweet to help pass the afternoon.

I ended up with a “fun size” bag of Easter themed Skittles. On one side it boldly proclaimed its contents, on the other side a trendy bunny posed in front of a rainbow listening to an iPod.

A what? Yes, an iPod. For a moment I wondered if Skittles and Apple had teamed up for marketing. It is just a generic white iPod, but the connection is obvious.

Even if it is not a marketing ploy on Apple’s part, it is excellent advertising. What better market than the Easter Egg Hunting aged demographic of 3-7 who are known for their persistence. This of course is the ideal target group, but realistically its closer to 2-57, who doesn’t like to hunt for chocolate filled eggs?

Clearly the cute trendy bunny in the pink capris and tummy exposing tank is coo and hip –and has an iPod. Who doesn’t want to be cool and hip, and who doesn’t want to have an iPod? Now they come in a range of fun colors (inspired by the old iMac and can easily coordinate with every outfit.

How can anyone argue with that kind of logic?

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