Swiss Miss v. Bonsai Potato

The Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets are “Best By June 29, 2008 at 4:09 am CST.” Ok, so I made the “at 4:09 am CST” part up, but seriously, who decides when the chocolate brown granular crystals get past their prime? How is it calculated? If they are merely “Best By” what happens to them after June 29, 2008? Do they coagulate? Do they mutate? Do they sit there and do nothing? Do they exude toxic fumes when mixed with water?

I am not going to take any home, nor am I going to experiment with it for over a year or devote a web cam to the powders demise (for an example of this see the now defunct SPAM cam).

Swiss Miss, unlike our Bonsai potato, will probably not sprout unique organic shapes, I and seriously doubt it would do anything all that exciting. It would probably just clump up in the humidity or blow away once we opened a window. Not the best plan, although, arguably, neither is a bonsai potato.

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